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Learn how to become a factoring broker with this affordable training guide from the IACFB.  Just $39.95 and available from IACFB administrative offices or

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Home-Based Business Opportunity

Looking for the perfect home-based business opportunity?  Many in today's challenging economy are.  And for mobile creatives and entrepreneurial self-starters, few opportunities can compare with that found in the commercial factoring industry as an independent factoring broker.

Life as a Factoring (Finance) Broker

Independent factoring brokers are freelance commercial finance consultants that assist small and mid-size business owners in their search for working capital when traditional bank loans are not an option.  Most operate their business as a stand-alone profession but some such consultants are also bookkeepers or accounting professionals that have learned about commercial finance alternatives and offer such services to their existing accounting clients. 

Commercial finance consultants, or factoring brokers, typically...

There is no specific college curriculum that can prepare you for this very lucrative vocation.  But once sufficiently trained in the various product areas found in the alternative commercial finance community, operating as a broker / consultant is relatively inexpensive proposition which makes it a perfect home-based business whether full or part-time.  To enter this field of endeavor, you will need...

How Factoring Brokers are Compensated

One of the most attractive features of this unique vocation is the compensation paid to referrers and it is this that attracts many to enter the industry.  Referrers, called brokers-of-record, are compensated in a variety of ways depending on the product.  Factoring brokers are experts in a variety of business finance products such as factoring, asset-based lending, merchant cash advances, SBA loans, microloans, and purchase order finance.  In the case of factoring, the referring broker earns aFactoring Broker Commissions percentage of the monthly fees (usually 10-15 percent) earned by the factor and will receive that each and every month.  This means that the commission for factoring referrals is residual and for the life of the referred account. 

Factoring brokers can build books of business over time which provides a steady stream of dependable monthly income.  It is not unusual for just an average referred factoring account to produce $300-$500 per month in commission income so it does not take a great number of active accounts for a factoring broker to break the $100,000 mark in income.

Where to Access Professional Training

Access to training for those seeking a career as a factoring broker has historically been both difficult and expensive.  That changed markedly with the formation of the supportive International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers or IACFB with its comprehensive and highly affordable factoring broker training programs.  For those interested in an exceptional home-based business opportunity and further exploring this unique industry, the IACFB publication Factoring 101:  A Brokers Guide is the place to start.  This comprehensive training guide is available from both the IACFB administrative offices as well as  For those ready to enter the industry and start their consultancy, the IACFB's Business-in-a-Box option provides training, website, marketing support materials and much more.  Additional information is available at